For use on Ford F-550, F-450, RAM 4500, and 5500 

MRAP Style super singles

With the most extreme conditions in mind, our wheels are engineered to support 11,000lbs and withstand heavy abuse. Our all American design has helped thousands of customers around the world experience military quality at an unbeatable price. Three-piece forged aluminum 20 x 10, with powder coated steel plate centers, all manufactured with the F-550 reversible bolt pattern.

 Leaders in MRAP Style truck Wheels


Please be careful not to order steel wheels for the F550 super single conversion. These are agriculture shells and are not manufactured to the precision required for highway speeds. Because the weld is forced to bear the load pinched between a flat plate and the shell, they may crack over time while ours remain strong. The shells will warp or wobble because they are not manufactured for the weight capacity of the F550 rear axle. Unlike ours that are machined to less than 30 thousandths of accuracy, Steel wheels are made inconsistently and the results speak for themselves. We have replaced many of these wheels for customers and will give you their contact information upon request.

Steel Welded w Box.jpg

the danger of steel wheels


The red area in the stress analysis above indicates the location of the highest pressure. All of the weight is held by the welds instead of being dispersed in a pressed plate. 


FLAWLESS Parallel Wheel Alignment

Reversible wheels that flip from front to rear with the exact same track width. With our 3 piece design, you can configure your wheel in 3 different ways: front wheels, super single rear wheels, and dually. No wheel adapter required. 


RUN FLAT / Bead Lock Inserts

Optional three-piece bolt together run-flat or bead-lock inserts are available.


Tire Options

Continental Tire has specially certified our wheel/tire application for 7400lbs. That is 9% above the original rating and is exclusively available for DBL Design. The tires options are:

335/80 R20 (42in)  Continental MPT 81 tires.

365/80 R20 (44in)  Continental MPT 81 tires.




The MPT 81 is the most common tire purchased for customers that spend a good amount of time on-road as well as off-road. These tires are quiet at speed, offer low rolling resistance, and do excellent in Sand, Snow, and the Rocks. In extreme mud the MPT 81 tends to have a hard time clearing itself and the MPT 80 is probably a better option. The MPT 81 is a direct competitor to the Michelin XZL.

335/80R20 MPT 81 Technical Specs:

  • Height 40.6" Tall

  • Width 12.4" 

  • Speed rated for 68 MPH

  • Max load rating is 6779 Lbs at 96PSI.

  • Preferred rim is 10-11" Wide. 

  • Reversible Super Singles from front to rear 20 x 10

  • 11,000 lbs capacity wheel

  • 7,400 lbs capacity tire

  • 3 Piece wheel

  • 10 (Not for F350s)

  • 5/8” mild steel plate

  • Forged Aluminum Shell

  • Designed for 335 80 R20 and bead seat


DBL Super Single Wheels are DOT and NHTSA compliant.

Email us for a copy of our compliance and approval documents.




Military-Grade. American Engineering. 

Our coveted MRAP Style wheels are complemented by our proprietary gears, axles, and fenders; transforming Ford's Super Duty into DBL design’s “Severe Duty" truck series.



Our SRW Conversion does not require a lift kit, but it is highly recommended. 

The super single wheel and tire mount directly to:

  • Ford F550 Super Duty

  • Ford F450 Super Duty

  • Dodge RAM 5500

  • Dodge RAM 4500

*In Development

Producer Magazine Super Singles
Custom Aluminum Centers.jpg

Custom Centers Available

Contact Us about getting bespoke wheel centers made for your truck!

Diesel Brothers

Used by Diesel Brothers

Our company started with a simple idea. We took USA’s farm truck and strengthened it to make it into a world-class military platform. As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones who wanted these modifications. DBL Design wheels can currently be found all around the world; used by NATO and in military applications, brush trucks, and civilian use. DBL’s “Severe Duty” wheels and accessories set the bar for extreme duty everywhere.
— Daniel Little, DBL President and Founder