Pro 80 Front Axle


11,700lbs rated

With the toughest jobs in mind, we built an axle that will perform when others will not. The pro 80 is precision manufactured in the highest quality 5 axis CNC to 5 microns of accuracy. This is for those who need a tougher axle than the factory 7,000lbs rating. It is necessary if additional weight is added to the vehicle such as armor, for off-road abuse, or to increase the vehicle weight class. 


Nodular iron housing

Forged knuckles

Extreme duty ball joints

Rated to 11,700lbs

Drop in fitment to factory rotor, caliper, and lock out 

Can be serviced with parts from any Ford dealer worldwide

Available in 6:17, 5:38, and 4:88 ratios

35 or 40 spline electronic locker 

11.25 ring gear for heavier weight capacity

Most affordable in the industry


Our lockers have the largest locking pins and heaviest solenoids in the industry. The ring and pinion are designed to handle the super single tires and wheels with ease. The differential can be installed to the chassis without any lift.