Dana 60 or 80 Series Front Axles

2017 and newer F450/550 60 and 80 series front 6:17 gear ratio. Only available from DBL Design ⚙️

Bulletproof Gears

Dana 300 Series Rear Axle

2017 and newer F450/550 rear Dana 300 series 6:17 gear ratio. Only available from DBL Design.

Electronic Lockers

Dana 60 or 80 series electronic lockers now available. Largest electric solenoid and largest locking pins in the industry. 35 or 40 spline. Only available from DBL Design.

2016-2011 Gear Sets

We offer front and rear 5:38 gears. To operate the super single tires effectively we recommend you replace the factory front and rear gears with the 5:38 gear ratio.

Easy To Install

This is a simple install that can be done by any mechanic locally.

Why You Need Gears

When changing the tire size, the gear ratio of your entire drive train changes. To combat the extra strain put on your truck, we swap the gears in the differential. Most Ford heavy duty trucks come with 4:88 gears in the differential. We swap out the OEM gears with our 6:17 precision cut gears. This reduces torque stress on the transfer case, transmission, and axles by 21%. This brings the final ratio as close to the ideal ratio as possible. 

4.88 x 42/32 = 6.405 (close to ideal ratio)

We believe all super single conversions need these gears to sustain the longevity and durability of the truck.