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Right Hand Drive conversions

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As 1 of 3 companies in the world doing RHD conversions for the F550 and F450 chassis, we are the one doing it the RIGHT way. *pun intended*

While some cut corners and redirect the steering from one side to the other without changing the steering box location, we take the proper measures to make sure that the conversion is done correctly. We move the steering assembly to the other side while maintaining 100% genuine Ford parts. We have simplified the complicated task of moving the steering box and assembly into a 96 part conversion. All of the electronics use factory Ford wiring extensions and plugs. Absolutely no soldering or cutting is done to the factory harnesses. This diminishes future problems greatly!

Our fiberglass dash conversion is an exact copy of the Ford right hand drive shape. We have produced 23 F550 Right Hand Drive Conversions without issues. All interior electronics are functional. We now only convert F450 and F550 2017 and newer vehicles.

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