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severe duty conversions



Designed for the Ford F450/F550, Ram 4500/5500 and the Chevrolet/International C4500/C5500/C6500

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stage 1

The Stage 1 "Severe Duty" package takes a Medium Duty farm truck and turns it into a military grade platform. It optimizes the chassis for Super Single Wheels. You can take your duallys off and replace them with a single wheel front and rear. They work great on and off-road.


Gears - 6:17 for heavy haul conversions (Ford Only)

Wheels - 20 x 10 Forged Aluminum 3 Piece 

- 335/80 R20 (41.6") Continental (7400 lbs rating)
- 365/80 R20 (43.6") Continental (7600 lbs rating)
- 335/80 R20 (41.4") Goodyear (6395 lbs rating)
- 365/80 R20 (43") Goodyear (8270 lbs rating)

Fenders - Optional paint not included
- Generation 1
- Generation 2
- Generation 3

Speed Correction - Accurate Speed

Lift Kit - 2.5" (Lift Kit installation video)

Fox Shocks - Custom Designed and manufactured for DBL Design from Fox for all medium duty trucks.


Pro 80 Front Axle - 11,000 lbs rated (Ford Only)

Severe Duty Brakes - Zero Brake Fade

CTIS - Central Tire Inflation

Warn Winch - 12k or 16.5k

Rear Winch Hitch 

Spacers - For perfect wheel appearance front to rear

Severe Duty Bumper - Body Guard or Gridiron

Why are Super Single so popular? What are Super Singles, Single Rear Wheels, SRW, or Dually Conversions?

The single rear wheel conversion started as a way to maximize the usability of a dually truck. Unfortunately, a base F450 or F550 (or similar) can't utilize the full versatility of the chassis. This is why we created a severe duty solution.

Your dually could be paired with super singles to give it more off-road ability. Upgrade your 19.5x6 size wheel to a 20x10 and a 335/80/R20 agricultural tire for best results. In order to do this, you will likely need to make modifications to your truck. We help many people convert their F450s and F550s from a dually into a single rear wheel utility vehicle, off-road beast, and military platform.


The Difference

This video shows you the difference between a factory truck and a super single conversion from DBL Design.


MrAP Wheels

If you have a 1 ton truck, you must stick with a 1 ton super single. The DBL Design Super Single is made for Severe Duty applications on 2 ton pickups. Super singles work well on anything from a road trip to a war zone.

MRAP wheels make any truck look wicked cool. Our wheels bolt perfectly to any 10 lug application.

Which wheel is right for me?

We specialize in F450 and F550 MRAP super single conversions. Because this chassis is so robust, we are able to make it into a military grade platform on a budget. The MRAP wheels is a popular modification for good reason. Our MRAP Super Single Wheel makes it possible to get military quality wheels on an ordinary Ford chassis and transform its functionality completely.

RAM 4500 and 5500

RAM 4500 and 5500 also benefit greatly from an MRAP super single. Any dually truck can be fitted with a super single with the right adapters. However, we do not recommend this strategy for 1 tons such as the F350. 2 tons are ideal for super single conversions but it is vitally important that the correct wheel is chosen for your goals.

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