Armored Vehicles

Military Conversions

We work with IAG to provide the world with advanced military armoring for a great price. Our super single wheels and axles make armored cars like the Guardian Max and Guardian Xtreme MRAP possible.

israeli carmor mantis

Mantis Armored Combat Vehicle

DBL Design had the opportunity to assist in this futuristic Israeli defense project. The Mantis family of armored fighting vehicles is equipped with multi-layered protection including kinetic, blast, NBC and TIC, in addition to dynamic thermal and visible camouflage options. It utilizes Severe Duty aluminum wheels and Continental MPT-81 tires.


Guardian Xtreme military 6x6

The Guardian Xtreme is built to be increased in capacity and capability from the Guardian 4x4. With a powered 3rd axle, the Xtreme Guardian is fit for most any terrain.



The Guardian MAX LTV is a dynamic solution based on commercially available Ford HD truck chassis certified to STANAG LEVEL II level of protection. It features a Stage 1 Severe Duty Conversion on a resilient 4x4 chassis.

Ford F550 Fleet High Sulfur Diesel
F550 Mexico Military Vehicle
Guardian > Humvee
IAG Armoured Vehicle Fleet
Armored Car Fleet

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If you would like to place an order for a military vehicle or have a special military project, be sure to contact us. We specialize in military grade upgrades for the F550 and F450 and would be happy to adapt our products to fit your needs.