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DBL Design was founded on an idea to turn America's farm truck into a military platform, specializing in truck conversions, wheel, and tires on the F450 and F550 series truck. We've spent the last 7 years perfecting systems on our all forged pro 80 front axle, military internal double bead lock wheels, central tire inflation, and 6x6 conversions. All of these have been built and tested to provide the most affordable military platform in the world. Our severe duty F550 and F450 super single conversions can be serviced at thousands of dealerships worldwide.

Why Choose Us

Our company started with a simple idea. We took USA’s farm truck and strengthened it to make it into a world-class military platform. As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones who wanted these modifications. DBL Design wheels can currently be found all around the world; used by NATO and in military applications, brush trucks, and civilian use. DBL’s “Severe Duty” wheels and accessories set the bar for extreme duty everywhere.

Daniel Little,
DBL President & Founder

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