Our Lift kit

Our suspension lift system for the F550/F450 is a 2.5" front and rear complete reconfiguration. Because the lift changes the geometry of the suspension, we have taken care to ensure that every element of the suspension meets or exceeds factory quality.

The suspension starts with a solid foundation of upgraded FOX shocks, capable of supporting up to 20,000lbs. The lift involves a specially machined aluminum spacer that is both durable and light weight. The spacer design is so important because it keeps the spring in proper alignment. The spring correction shim ensures the front spring is traveling straight up and down. This keeps the spring from becoming a banana over several years.


Retain factory geometry

We also developed a pan hard bar adjustment bracket that moves the pan hard bar over and down the exact amount needed for the 2.5" lift so the axle is centered  horizontally.

We reuse the factory brake lines, dropping them down for extended travel and ease of maintenance.

Ride quality is a priority

The castor correction bracket allows the truck to retain the factory 4.5° of castor and gives the truck the freedom to go down the freeway with absolutely no issues, wander, or vibration.

Our rear suspension has solid steel blocks that are machined precisely for the correct pinion angle on the driveshaft. We also install drive shaft drop brackets so there is no drive-line vibration.

A sway bar drop bracket bolts on so the sway bar stays level with the truck for maximum functionality. The U-bolts are specific to the chassis and are heavier and stronger than factory U-bolts at the exact length needed.

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We recommend a 2.5" lift kit for the F550/F450 series trucks so the tire clears the cab in all circumstances. Without it, there could be contact with the cab under heavy use.

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If your application requires the 33/580/R 20 tire, you don’t want to do a 6" because the steering geometry is affected, leaving the driveshaft out of alignment. The ride quality also decreases.  The purchase of steering stabilizers are not completely effective. Also, the height of the truck is unnecessarily tall.