why super singles are so popular?

What are Super singles, single rear wheels, srw, or dually conversions?

here is what you need to know

The single rear wheel conversion started as a way to maximize the usability of a dually truck. Unfortunately, a base F450 or F550 (or similar) can’t utilize the full versatility of the chassis. This is why we created a severe duty solution.

Your dually could be paired with super singles to give it more off road ability. Upgrade your 19.5x6 size wheel to a 20x10 and a 335/80/R20 agricultural tire for best results. In order to do this, you will likely need to make modifications to your truck. We help many people convert their F550 and F450s from a dually into single rear wheel utility vehicles, off-road beasts, and military platforms.

Military 4x4 Armored Truck Wheels MRAP


MRAP wheels make any truck look wicked cool. Our wheels bolt perfectly to any 10 lug application.

Which wheel is right for me?

If you have a 1 ton truck, you must stick with a 1 ton super single. The DBL Design super single is made for Severe Duty applications on 2 ton pickups. Super singles work well on anything from a road trip to a war zone.

What is the difference between steel and aluminum?

Well, the difference is huge. Steel wheels weigh much more and are not as strong. That is the simple answer. The reason for this is metallurgical and structural.

Steel Wheel Stress Analysis Super Single MRAP

You can see above that the stress on the steel wheel is not dispersed. The weight is primarily resting on the center and the weld. This can cause warping over time and cracks. We get many orders from people looking to replace their cracked steel super singles, so you may be able to save yourself some money and time by going with aluminum super singles first.

RAM 5500 and 4500

RAM 5500 and 4500 also benefit greatly from an MRAP super single. Any dually truck can be fitted with a super single with the right adapters. However, we do not recommend this strategy for 1 tons such as the F350. 2 tons are ideal for super single conversions but it is vitally important that the correct wheel is chosen for your goals.

MRAP Style Military Wheels

F550 Super Single Rear Wheel Conversion

We specialize in F550 and F450 MRAP super single conversions. Because this chassis is so robust, we are able to make it into a military grade platform on a budget. The MRAP wheels is a popular modification for good reason. Our MRAP Super Single Wheel makes it possible to get military quality wheels on an ordinary Ford chassis and transform it’s functionality completely.

Diesel Brothers Super Singles

Diesel Brothers F550 Super Single

We work with Diesel Brothers to deliver an aluminum super single solution for the Diesel Brother F550.

preferred alternative to Mattracks

Mattracks makes it possible to traverse difficult environments while looking cool. It is especially good for people who don’t want their truck to float. Severe Duty Super Singles are the perfect alternative because they look great, perform better on inclines, and can be equipped with anti float technology at a fraction of the price.

Mattracks F550


Because the IVECO 4x4 can be used as a 15 ton, many military and fleet applications have switched to a military wheel conversion on an IVECO in lieu of a srw conversion F550.

IVECO 4x4 Super Single TLF3000

DBL Design is capable of doing an IVECO 10 lug wheel to fit your needs at a low price. Our wheels are priced to be competitive with steel wheels so why risk the unreliability of a steel wheel when you don’t have to?

The TLF3000 and TLF4000 are ideal for this sort of conversion.

IVECO 4x4 Cab Over TLF4000 Wheels


The wheels for the Unimog are essentially the same as the super single design. Therefore, your can use many MRAP super singles on a Unimog without issues.


Custom wheels available

If you have a need for custom bolt patterns, we can manufacture centers specifically for you. Just use our contact form to ask for more information.

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