Warn VR8-S Winch 96805

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wrn-96805 8s.jpg

Warn VR8-S Winch 96805


Rescue is up to you and your new generation of Warn VR-Series winches! Their VR8-S models offer enhanced styling, upgraded performance, and legendary Warn reliability that is ever-dependable. The VR8-S winches deliver the fastest no-load line speed in the VR family, with an 8,000 lb. power pulling capacity and a black tactical appearance that puts you at the head of the off-road pack. They include 90 ft. of standard-duty synthetic rope with a heat-resistant coating, a sliding chafe sleeve, and a corded remote. Whether you're challenging hills or scouting remote game trails, there will come a moment when rescue is up to one person--you. That's when you'll be glad to have Warn VR8-S winches onboard.

Warn VR8-S models also feature:

* Waterproof Albright contactor control 
* One-piece tie plate replaces tie rods 
* Convertible control pack allows upright or low-profile winch mounting
* Cast iron hawse fairlead
* Powerful, efficient series-wound motor
* Best-in-class load-holding cone brake for superior control

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