MPT 81 Continental Tires


MPT 81 Continental Tires


Size 335/80/R20 Continental MPT 81 Tires

The MPT 81 is the most common tire purchased for customers that spend a good amount of time on-road as well as off-road. These tires are quiet at speed, offer low rolling resistance, and do excellent in Sand, Snow, and the Rocks. In extreme mud the MPT 81 tends to have a hard time clearing itself and the MPT 80 is probably a better option. The MPT 81 is a direct competitor to the Michelin XZL.

335/80R20 MPT 81 Technical Specs:

  • Height 40.6" Tall

  • Width 12.4" 

  • Speed rated for 68 MPH

  • Max load rating is 6779 Lbs at 96PSI.

  • Preferred rim is 10-11" Wide. 

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