Guardian MAX LPV MRAP Military


IAG is our partner in research, development, and parts manufacturing. They are the worlds largest privately held armored car company. Their facility of 380,000sq/ft in U.A.E. produces military support vehicles that use our drive-train, suspension, 6x6 upgrades, and wheels.


Sherptek and DBL Design Partnership


The Sherptek bed system makes a truck infinitely more useful, and one of the biggest benefits is the modular design. This means that you are not stuck with your original layout. The bed can be configured in many different ways and adapt and change as your needs change. Additionally, the modularity allows you to have a number of different configurations accessible very quickly. All of our upper deck options are easily removable so you can strip it down to a flatbed in 20 minutes or less. It is also very DIY friendly with structural attachment channels on top and bottom, you can build or modify anything that can then be easily attached to the deck, top or bottom.

Sherptek ATV DBL design

Instead of the typical cut-and-weld tubular construction, Sherptek utilizes aerospace materials and construction techniques that allow us to build ultra-lightweight beds with large payload capacities and a long working life. All of these features mean they are not the cheapest, but are built to last and to the highest quality standards. Each system is built-to-order to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, and Sherptek also does a lot of custom fabrication so you can have just about anything you want integrated into the bed. 

Sherptek Truck Bed DBL Design

The Sherptek system starts with a modular flatbed, and accessories like fold-down flank sides and under-bed boxes are add-ons. Accessories can be installed with the initial purchase, or can be added anytime down the road.

Sherptek Ford Bed F550 F450 F350 F250 Modular Bed Upgrade

Continental Tire

DBL Design and Continental tire go together like pens and paper. We have been working together to provide highly durable, cost efficient, and lightweight options for the F550/F450 chassis. We work closely together and are designing a proprietary tire for Severe Duty applications.

Aluminum Super Single Wheel

Ford Motor company

Ford Marketing and DBL Design have teamed up to demonstrate the power of the F550 and F450 chassis. The video above shows how our improvements compliment this chassis. We really do turn Ford’s farm truck into a highly capable Severe Duty platform.


Fox Shocks F550 F450 Ford

Fox Shocks

Fox Shocks provides the most dependable and serviceable suspension for our application. With excellent ride quality and superior weight capacity, what isn’t to love about Fox Shocks?


SFA Brush Truck Fire Truck DBL Design

SFA Brush trucks

SFA is a top provider of high quality brush trucks. Since 1995, SFA has supported the emergency response industry with the highest quality trucks. We are proud to be partnered with such great people.

SFA Brush Truck Emergency Vehicle

WARN logo DBL Design

Warn winches

As the #1 provider of high quality winches, WARN is the obvious choice for a Severe Duty conversion. Many customers who buy a Stage 1 conversion elect to buy a winch as well.