Brush Truck Conversions

DBL Design is known for our brush trucks and fire/rescue vehicles. The F450 and F550 make an excellent platform for these applications but need a few additional upgrades to ensure they are up to the job. The Stage 1 kit gives the trucks exactly what they need to handle the unpredictable terrain. 

Our stage one kit includes:

  • Gears - 6:17 ratio replaces factory 4:88 or 4:30


  • Pro 80 Front Axle - 11,500lb Rated For Severe Duty

  • Warn Winch - VR12 with 12,000lb Towing Capacity

  • Custom Bumper - Made to work perfectly with Warn winches

  • Spacers - For perfect wheel alignment from front to rear

Applicable for the Ford F450, F550, RAM 5500, and 4500 trucks

This conversion is great for wildland engines, brush trucks, wildfire pumpers, mini-pumpers, type 3,4,5,6 and 7 engines, step sides fire trucks, or any apparatus built on a 2 ton truck frame

Our Severe Duty upgrades have been featured on numerous search and rescue, disaster relief, off-road ambulances, and wildfire brush trucks. Feel free to follow our Instagram to see more pictures of our projects.

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We know you are busy being a hero and don’t have unlimited time to figure all of this out, so we are here to help. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to talk through your build with us. We are experts at what we do and are a one stop shop for truck upgrades.


This mini pumper is an example of a Stage 1 kit. A type 3 engine brush truck builder often takes our trucks after they have been converted and fits them with the water tank, pump, storage compartments, interior controls and any other special requirements a department may have for their brush trucks. We do offer a new bumper that fits the WARN winch perfectly. The VR 12 Warn is the popular option for brush trucks.

A 6x6 brush truck is also an option. For additional weight this makes an excellent option and provides the additional grip necessary.

If you would have an apparatus grant and need additional weight capacity we have a Severe Duty Front Axle that will ensure your truck meets qualifications. Usually, that number is 25,000lb. To calculate this weight, you must include:

  • The chassis, body, and tank.

  • Fuel, lubricant and other chassis or component fluid tanks or reservoirs.

  • Full water and other agent tanks, if equipped.

  • 250-pound weight capacity in each seating position.

  • Fixed equipment such as pumps, generators, reels and air systems as installed.

  • Ground ladders, suction hose, designed hose load in their hose beds and on their reels.

  • An allowance for miscellaneous equipment

  • If the apparatus is designed to accommodate SCBA, an additional 25 pounds per seating position to the miscellaneous equipment allowance.

If the vehicle will be used for the towing of other equipment such as an equipment trailer or boat transporter, NFPA 1906, Chapter 12, Section 12.3.6 would apply to the truck chassis and systems.

According to that section of NFPA 1906: "The Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the chassis shall be adequate to carry the weight of the fire apparatus when loaded to its estimated in-service weight as defined in 12.1.2."

For more information on spec’ing out your truck click here

Thanks to your support! We are proud to help firefighters do what they do. We do our very best to help you in return.