6x6 Conversions

The Severe Duty F550 6x6 is a dream come true for truck enthusiasts, expedition campers, and military fleets. 

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"The godfathers of the 6x6 conversion" - @the_diesel_dave


6x6 options

  • 3rd Axle - 6x6 conversion

  • Gears - 6:17

  • Wheels - 3 Piece Military Grade Super Singles

  • Tires - 335/80 R20 Continental (7400lbs Rating)

  • Fenders - Optional Paint

  • Speed Correction - Accurate Speed

  • Lift Kit - 2.5" in

  • Brake Rotors/Pads - Zero Brake Fade

  • Fox Shocks - Custom Design for F550 Series

  • Independent or Solid Axle Suspension

  • CTIS - Central Tire Inflation


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MRAP wheels 6x6 heavy duty severe duty powerstroke

We have a passion for transforming Ford's farm trucks into 6-wheeled towing and hauling machines.

6x6 SuperDuty F550
6x6 MRAP style wheels Severe Duty Upgrades Ford F550 F450 Wheels 20x10

Nearly unstoppable and completely street legal

6x6 Ford Conversion F550 F450

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We work with the best armored truck builders in the industry to build 6x6 beasts like this Guardian Xtreme 6x6 MRAP